My name is Bob Day and my sons are Wayne and Kevin. We are avid bear hunters and trappers. We always had trouble getting bait to hunt with, so we started collecting donuts and pastries from various bakery shops. We ended up with more than we could use and started selling the extra to friends and other hunters we knew. At the time we only had donuts and molasses. By word of mouth, more and more hunters were interested in buying from us. We decided to advertise and it grew so quickly, it all exploded. We now had more customers than bait.

We have Trail Mix, bait barrels, baiting gear, caramel scented fryolator oil in 1 gallon containers and molasses in 5 gal pails.

We sell and deliver almost anywhere in New England. Give or take how much you buy, we can deliver it right to your door. To us this means a lot, with the rising cost of fuel.

We are also offering large loads of 28 barrels, delivered to New Brunswick, Canada..Call for details.

So don't get hassled with trying to find bait. Hunt bear... not bait!  When you need it just call  207-468-3356 ask for Bob or E-Mail Us ! We will accommodate you in any way we can, at the bait site!

Bob, Wayne & Kevin