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Bait Protein Values

Our Natural Trail Mix - Nuts & Fruits = approx. 16% protein

The benefits of using Trail Mix over typical pastry type baits:
Trail Mix is a bears natural food source,nuts, berries or fruits, it gives bear 35% protein and that's what a bear is looking for,
our Trail Mix is 90% Nuts & Fruit with just 10% made up of candy, pretzel,cracker type mix.
Trail Mix is half the labor of using donuts, it transfers easily with a shovel or grain scoop, saving time and energy by the baiting crew!  The bear stay longer eating at your bait site because they can't carry the bait off. There is also a huge benefit with salt in the mix it causes bear to return often after getting a drink, which makes them more comfortable arriving and returning to your bait site.
Our Research
We have researched baiting using different bait techniques over the years and it is our findings that when offering bear a variety of foods
in a barrel the bear will choose what they like and push aside what they do not prefer when given choices, this wastes your bait and simply cost you more per season!
Therefore we highly recommend using one product or the other for best baiting results!

TRAIL MIX  - 55 gallon barrel  16% protein

MOLASSES                     5 gallon pails

BAIT BARRELS          55 gallon with a 6" round hole in the side and 10' of 3/16" chain attached.
                                             35 gallon with a 6" with a round hole in the side and 10' of 3/16" chain attached.
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