Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bait and Services

Q.) What does Trail Mix come in?
A.) 55 gallon metal barrel with plastic metal locking ring.

Q.) How much does a barrel weigh? 
A.) Approximately 350-400 pounds.

Q.) Where is Alfred located?
A.) Alfred is in Southern Maine, 
but we also have a bait station in Lincoln, Maine, which is farther north.

Q.) Do I have to return the barrel?
A.) No. You own the barrel, but if you prefer, you can
Clean the barrel well and return it, we will deduct
$10 off the next barrel of bait you buy.

Q.) Will you deliver to my door?
A.) Yes, most of the time, but you have to buy a large load call for details. 
If you want less, we will meet you at an exit on the turnpike at a pre-determined point.

What else do you sell?
A.) Trail Mix- in 55 gallon barrels- approximate weight 350-400 pounds.

MOLASSES- in 5 gallon pails 

 BAIT BARRELS- 55 gallon metal barrel with a 6" hole in the side and 10' of 3/16" chain attached.