Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bait and Services

Q.) What does Trail Mix come in?
A.) 55 gallon metal barrel with plastic metal locking ring.

Q.) How much does a barrel weigh? 
A.) Approximately 350-400 pounds.

Q.) Where is Alfred located?
A.) Alfred is in Southern Maine, 
but we also have a bait station in Lincoln, Maine, which is farther north.

Q.) Do I have to return the barrel?
A.) No. You own the barrel, but if you prefer, you can
Clean the barrel well and return it, we will deduct
$10 off the next barrel of bait you buy.

Q.) Will you deliver to my door?
A.) Yes, most of the time, but you have to buy a large load call for details. 
If you want less, we will meet you at an exit on the turnpike at a pre-determined point.

Q.) Will you deliver to New Brunswick, Canada?
A.) Yes.. large loads of 28 barrels delivered to New Brunswick, Canada..Call for details.

What else do you sell?
A.) Trail Mix- in 55 gallon barrels- approximate weight 350-400 pounds.

MOLASSES- in 5 gallon pails 

Caramel Scented Clean Fryolator Oil - 1 Gallon
 BAIT BARRELS- 55 gallon screw-top with a 9" hole in the side and 10' of 3/16" chain attached.